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Snowmobile Rental

Explore The Mountains With A Snowmobile Rental From Alpha Rentals

Alpha Rentals has the best rentals for everyone's winter fun. Starting with our snowmobile rentals, you can choose from a 2020 Skidoo Summit 165 with SHOT start or our 2019/2021 Arctic Cat Alpha One 165. Prices starting at $349 per day and go down with multi day or multi unit rentals. This machine makes it fun to be on the snow up here in Western Canada. We can include avalanche air bag backpacks along with safety equipment with out rentals. All of our snow machines are easy to maneuver and packed with plenty of power. They are a cutting edge sled with up to date technology. Equipped with 3-inch lugs and a 165-inch track, you are able to climb anywhere you want. This baby can go places others dream of finding. There are many places in British Columbia, Alberta and even Saskatchewan where these snowmobiles can be enjoyed. Whether on a week long trip in the back country or a sled rally for the day, a rental with us can be the highlight of the winter season!

Renting with Alpha Rentals is easy and painless. All our units come full of premium fuel and oil. Sleds are clean and include travel covers so the units are not covered in road grime by the time you get to your destination. Simply bring the unit back full of fuel and that's it. Oil is included with the rental. We are located west of Edmonton in Spruce Grove just off the main highway 16A. A $2,000 fully refundable damage deposit is required on each sled rental.  Once you get on the snowmobile, it is hard to stay off of it. The feeling always drags a person back to the rush of adrenaline. We do have policies that keep safety first at all times, and like all rentals, the person who signs for the rental is responsible for any damages and injuries. So, please, be safe!

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